Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Build-Ups and Beginnings


I've never written a blog before, and I'm not yet sure how this will go.  Not sure how much or how little of the story this sight might tell.  I am now sitting in my tent in the Eastern Sierras, at 3 Creeks, home of Gigi (the visionary behind Beyond Boundaries), her husband Win (who will be traveling with us as part of our team of 8), and Sierra, who is our base camp support from afar, our accountant, dear friend, and tender of the home fire.

This picture was taken here at 3 Creeks back in February.  It's much greener now, with less snow on the Sierras, and the pond is much more inviting.  I am about to go jump in it to start my day.  Then I'll write a big mass email to all of you, so you can know how to find me in the world of blogs... or ask to be taken off my list of ramblings... 

Later today we drive into the Inyo Mountains to begin a time of solitude and fasting, our ceremonial way of marking the beginning of this incredible journey.  I will be "on the mountain" solo beginning tomorrow, as will the rest of the team.  We'll be out for 3 days and nights, so send us your prayers!

More to come on the other side of this first piece of the adventure...


  1. Love you, William! Thoughts, prayers, blessings, and IN-N-OUT will all be with you while you're out there this weekend.

  2. Brother I am so proud of what you are doing and proud to hold you in my life as one of my very favorite and most treasured beings. Know that my thoughts are with you and your journey as you move forward. z.

  3. Hi Will,

    This is my first blog entry ever, and I decided learning more about you this way and experiencing a new technological venue is going to be a treat.

    I was moved and reminded by David Whyte's poem-it goes to a place inside that poets seem to be the only ones that can take us with words. For me, it lights upon T.S. Eliot's gifts, which have resonated in my journey for several decades.

    Then to see the images of the Inyo-so intimate because for 28 years I ventured into this part of the magnificent Sierra to sit near my students when on their 72-hour solo experiences. Now, how cool is that!

    Will, take care and I look forward to your news.

    Intellect aside, I thank you for bringing me along so I can share your explorations.