Wednesday, January 6, 2010

'Independent Pilgrimage' Drawing to a Close...

Austria was the beginning of my independent time on Beyond Boundaries. Since then I've been to many places and had some incredible experiences. What follows will be a few blog posts coming in the next few days/week offering installments from this past time. I've been writing as I go, but haven't had time to post the writings... so, here they come, beginning with a brief visit to the East Coast following my time in Austria:

East Coast USA, Maine and Boston ~

I left Austria tired and inspired, and flew to London. I hopped a bus to Oxford and arrived there in time to meet my dear old friend Zeya who I hadn’t seen for some time. We spent the majority of my 16 hour lay-over talking and catching-up, and I got back to London to catch my plane to Boston the next morning even MORE tired. Back on US soil for the first time in months, my mother (who happened to be visiting relatives in the east) picked me up and drove me north to Maine, to the home of my grandparents, and one of my favorite places on earth.

Finally, I slept. I was very pleased to slow my pace for a few days, and deeply enjoyed the chance to touch-in with a side of my family who I see much less frequently than I'd like. As luck and well-made plans would have it, my mom's sister Lucy was also there in Maine at that time. The ancestral tracking part of my independent study came back to the forefront during this time in a different way, and I soaked up the chance to hear stories from some of these eldest of my living family.

After a few days my mother and I drove to Boston to see two of her other sisters, Suzie and Eve, and their families. This was a chance to be with the "newer" generations of my mom's side of the family, and I enjoyed a much more rowdy stay with the kids (my cousins) including great adventure time outside, great time with the family, more chances to dip into ancestral stories, and an all important (for me) opportunity to begin weaving some of my story back into my life.

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